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  1.   Before you make a U-turn in the road, you should

    A) give an arm signal as well as using your indicators
    B) signal so that other drivers can slow down for you
    C) look over your shoulder for a final check
    D) select a higher gear than normal

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  2.   When you are moving off from behind a parked car you should

    A) look round before you move off
    B) use all the mirrors on the vehicle
    C) look round after moving off
    D) use the exterior mirrors only

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  3.   Windscreen pillars can obstruct your view. You should take particular care when

    A) driving on a motorway
    B) driving on a dual carriageway
    C) approaching a one-way street
    D) approaching bends and junctions

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  4.   You are turning right onto a dual carriageway. What should you do before emerging?

    A) Stop, apply the handbrake and then select a low gear
    B) Position your vehicle well to the left of the side road
    C) Check that the central reservation is wide enough for your vehicle
    D) Make sure that you leave enough room for a vehicle behind

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  5.   When following a large vehicle you should keep well back because this

    A) allows you to corner more quickly
    B) helps the large vehicle to stop more easily
    C) allows the driver to see you in the mirrors
    D) helps you to keep out of the wind

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