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  1.  A ______ is a collection of projects or programs grouped together for strategic business needs.

    A) Portfolio
    B) Management System
    C) Enterprise
    D) Array

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  2.  Which of the following is not a general management technique used to generate different approaches to execute and perform the project work?

    A) Lateral thinking
    B) Six Thinking Hats
    C) Map Out
    D) Brainstorming

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  3.  During a weekly staff meeting another project manager, a certified PMP, is reporting that a project he is running completed successfully the night before. However, you know that there are still several large outstanding deliverables. What do you do?

    A) File a complaint with PMI.
    B) Notify the project manager's supervisor, and file a complaint with PMI.
    C) Do nothing.
    D) Notify the project manager's supervisor.

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  4.  As a project manager, you are responsible for determining and delivering the required levels of both grade and quality. Select which of the following statements you disagree with.

    A) A product can be of a low quality but high grade.
    B) Low quality and Low grade are always a problem.
    C) A product can be of a high quality but low grade.
    D) Low quality is always a problem but low grade need not always be a problem.

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  5.  The Project Charter formally authorizes a project. Who authorizes the project charter?

    A) The project manager
    B) A project sponsor or initiator internal to the project organization
    C) The customer
    D) A project sponsor or initiator external to the project organization

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