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  1.   Your mobile phone rings while you are travelling. You should

    A) stop immediately
    B) answer it immediately
    C) pull up in a suitable place
    D) pull up at the nearest kerb

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  2.   You are waiting to emerge from a junction. The windscreen pillar is restricting your view. What should you be particularly aware of?

    A) Lorries
    B) Buses
    C) Motorcyclists
    D) Coaches

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  3.   You are driving on a wet road. You have to stop your vehicle in an emergency. You should

    A) apply the handbrake and footbrake together
    B) keep both hands on the wheel
    C) select reverse gear
    D) give an arm signal

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  4.   You cannot see clearly behind when reversing. What should you do?

    A) Open your window to look behind
    B) Open the door and look behind
    C) Look in the nearside mirror
    D) Ask someone to guide you

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  5.   When you see a hazard ahead you should use the mirrors. Why is this?

    A) Because you will need to accelerate out of danger
    B) To assess how your actions will affect following traffic
    C) Because you will need to brake sharply to a stop
    D) To check what is happening on the road ahead

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