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  1.   As you approach this bridge you should

    A) move into the middle of the road to get a better view
    B) slow down
    C) get over the bridge as quickly as possible
    D) consider using your horn

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  2.   When emerging from junctions, which is most likely to obstruct your view?

    A) Windscreen pillars
    B) Steering wheel
    C) Interior mirror
    D) Windscreen wipers

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  3.   You are most likely to lose concentration when driving if you

    A) use a mobile phone
    B) listen to very loud music
    C) switch on the heated rear window
    D) look at the door mirrors

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  4.   Your vehicle is fitted with a hand-held telephone. To use the telephone you should

    A) reduce your speed
    B) find a safe place to stop
    C) steer the vehicle with one hand
    D) be particularly careful at junctions

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  5.   You are waiting to emerge from a junction. The windscreen pillar is restricting your view. What should you be particularly aware of?

    A) Lorries
    B) Buses
    C) Motorcyclists
    D) Coaches

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