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  1.  Which of these Direct and Manage Project Execution items is not an output of the process?

    A) Deliverables
    B) Work Performance Information
    C) Project management plan
    D) Change requests

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  2.  What is a recommended method for controlling change within a project?

    A) Have only the project manager able to initiate change
    B) Have each change approved or rejected by a board
    C) Allow each project member ultimate control of changes within their realm of the project without a review process
    D) Freeze scope and allow absolutely no changes

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  3.  The project management team has determined that there some changes to the Scope of the project. Who would be responsible for reviewing, evaluating and approving documented changes to the project?

    A) Change Control Board (CCB)
    B) Change Configuration Board (CCB)
    C) Scope Control Board (SCB)
    D) Configuration Control Board (CCB)

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  4.  You are beginning a new project. When should you use the Perform Integrated Change Control process?

    A) Throughout the entire project
    B) Only when closing out the project
    C) Only after the project is completely funded
    D) Only after the project scope is clearly defined

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  5.  Which of the following would not be considered as an Enterprise Environmental Factor during the Develop Project Charter process?

    A) Scope Statement
    B) Organizational infrastructure
    C) Governmental standards
    D) Marketplace conditions

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