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  1.   You should ONLY use a mobile phone when

    A) receiving a call
    B) suitably parked
    C) driving at less than 30 mph
    D) driving an automatic vehicle

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  2.   What is the safest way to use a mobile phone in your vehicle?

    A) Use hands-free equipment
    B) Find a suitable place to stop
    C) Drive slowly on a quiet road
    D) Direct your call through the operator

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  3.   Windscreen pillars can obstruct your view. You should take particular care when

    A) driving on a motorway
    B) driving on a dual carriageway
    C) approaching a one-way street
    D) approaching bends and junctions

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  4.   You are approaching traffic lights that have been on green for some time. You should

    A) accelerate hard
    B) maintain your speed
    C) be ready to stop
    D) brake hard

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  5.   Why are these yellow lines painted across the road?

    A) To help you choose the correct lane
    B) To help you keep the correct separation distance
    C) To make you aware of your speed
    D) To tell you the distance to the roundabout

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