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  1.   You must not use a hand-held phone while driving. Using a hands-free system

    A) is acceptable in a vehicle with power steering
    B) will significantly reduce your field of vision
    C) will affect your vehicle's electronic systems
    D) is still likely to distract your attention from the road

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  2.   You are most likely to lose concentration when driving if you

    A) use a mobile phone
    B) listen to very loud music
    C) switch on the heated rear window
    D) look at the door mirrors

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  3.   You are driving on a wet road. You have to stop your vehicle in an emergency. You should

    A) apply the handbrake and footbrake together
    B) keep both hands on the wheel
    C) select reverse gear
    D) give an arm signal

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  4.   Your mobile phone rings while you are travelling. You should

    A) stop immediately
    B) answer it immediately
    C) pull up in a suitable place
    D) pull up at the nearest kerb

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  5.   Your vehicle is fitted with a hands-free phone system. Using this equipment whilst driving

    A) is quite safe as long as you slow down
    B) could distract your attention from the road
    C) is recommended by The Highway Code
    D) could be very good for road safety

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