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  1.   You cannot see clearly behind when reversing. What should you do?

    A) Open your window to look behind
    B) Open the door and look behind
    C) Look in the nearside mirror
    D) Ask someone to guide you

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  2.   Windscreen pillars can obstruct your view. You should take particular care when

    A) driving on a motorway
    B) driving on a dual carriageway
    C) approaching a one-way street
    D) approaching bends and junctions

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  3.   You are travelling along this narrow country road. When passing the cyclist you should go

    A) slowly, sounding the horn as you pass
    B) quickly, leaving plenty of room
    C) slowly, leaving plenty of room
    D) quickly, sounding the horn as you pass

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  4.   In which of these situations should you avoid overtaking?

    A) Just after a bend
    B) In a one-way street
    C) On a 30 mph road
    D) Approaching a dip in the road

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  5.   You should ONLY use a mobile phone when

    A) receiving a call
    B) suitably parked
    C) driving at less than 30 mph
    D) driving an automatic vehicle

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