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  1.  A project is estimated to cost $ 50,000 with a timeline of 50 days. After 25 days, the project manager finds that 50% of the project is complete and Actual costs are $ 50,000. What is the Cost Performance Index (CPI) ?

    A) The CPI is 1
    B) The CPI is 1.5
    C) The CPI is 2
    D) The CPI is 0.5

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  2.  The Cost Performance Baseline is a time-phased budget and is used as a basis to measure, monitor, and control overall cost performance of the project. It is usually displayed in the form of:

    A) An S-curve
    B) An inverted S curve.
    C) Pie-chart
    D) A Z curve

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  3.  As a project manager, you periodically do project performance reviews to compare cost performance over time, schedule activities or work packages over-running and under-running budget, milestones due, and milestones met. Which of the following is not a valid technique that you would use for performance-reporting?

    A) Trend Analysis
    B) Earned Value Performance
    C) Variance Analysis
    D) Integration Analysis

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  4.  An estimating technique that uses a statistical relationship between historical data and other variables (for example, square footage in construction, lines of code in software development) is known as:

    A) Parametric Estimating
    B) Analogous Estimating
    C) Bottom-up Estimating
    D) Historical Analysis

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  5.  A variance threshold for costs or other indicators to indicate the agreed amount of variation allowed is called:

    A) Variance limits
    B) Control threshold
    C) Cost limit
    D) Acceptable threshold

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