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  1.  What is the most effective means of resolving issues and communicating with key stakeholders?

    A) Email
    B) Face to face meetings
    C) Official reports
    D) Telephone conversations

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  2.  You are a member of a project team and the project manager frequently uses e-mail to provide you with details about how he feels your work on the project is progressing. What form of communication does this BEST describe?

    A) Formal verbal
    B) Informal written
    C) Informal verbal
    D) Formal written

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  3.  When your project first started, you had eight stakeholders. There have been changes made to the project and there are now 14 stakeholders. How many communication channels have been added to the project?

    A) 63
    B) 15
    C) 91
    D) 28

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  4.  The number of communication channels depends on the number of team members in any project. If five team members are released from a team of 25, how many communication channels remain in the project?

    A) 300
    B) 625
    C) 190
    D) 400

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  5.  No matter how good you are in communicating, information distribution to stakeholders as planned is a challenging task. Many tools are used in a project for effective information distribution that includes all of the following EXCEPT:

    A) Visual aids
    B) Encoding and Decoding
    C) Press releases
    D) Portals

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