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  1.  Which of the following processes is not a part of Project Scope Management?

    A) Create WBS
    B) Perform Quality Control
    C) Control Scope
    D) Collect Requirements

    Your answer=B, Correct answer= , Work Sheet:

  2.  While managing a project, you have included the product acceptance criteria in the Quality Management Plan. When reviewing your plan, a senior manager asks you look at this closely. You then realize that what you have done is incorrect. Where would you actually place the product acceptance criteria?

    A) Project Charter
    B) Project Management Plan
    C) Project Scope Statement
    D) Scope Verification Plan

    Your answer=D, Correct answer= , Work Sheet:

  3.  The WBS is finalized by establishing control accounts for the work packages and a unique identifier from a code of accounts. This provides a structure for hierarchical summation of:

    A) Schedule and requirements information
    B) Cost and requirements information
    C) Cost and resource information
    D) Cost, schedule and resource information

    Your answer=, Correct answer= , Work Sheet:

  4.  Uncontrolled project scope changes are often referred to as ________ .

    A) Scope creep
    B) Scope verification
    C) Value Added Scope
    D) Scope control

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= , Work Sheet:

  5.  Which of the following is not a Group Creativity Technique used in the Collect Requirements process?

    A) Nominal group technique
    B) Idea diagram
    C) Mind mapping
    D) Affinity diagram

    Your answer=A, Correct answer= , Work Sheet:

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