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  1.  You are a project manager of a company and you have been assigned to take over managing a project that should have been 60 percent complete according to the schedule. After evaluation, you discover that the project is running far behind schedule, and that the project will probably take double the time originally estimated by the previous project manager. However, the sponsor has been told that the project is on schedule. What is the BEST course of action you will take?

    A) Add new resource to the project and complete the project on schedule.
    B) Show your evaluation to sponsor.
    C) Ask your senior manager to deal with this.
    D) Turn the project back to the previous project manager.

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  2.  The 2 years project has 200 work packages and a $20,000 budget. After one year, 100 work packages are completed and $10,000 has been spent. Which of the following is TRUE?

    A) The project need 50 work package to be completed in 6 months.
    B) Not enough information available.
    C) The project need 50 work package to be completed in 3 months.
    D) The project is on schedule and on budget.

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  3.  Some of your team members want to work on a flexible schedule and others want all team members should reach on fixed time. What should you do?

    A) Allow them for flexible time schedules.
    B) Allow them for fixed time schedules.
    C) Arrange a meeting and allow them to decide.
    D) Ask your senior management to decide.

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  4.  You?re the project manager for an industrial design project. Your team members report to you, and you?re responsible for creating the budget, building the schedule, and assigning the tasks. When the project is complete, you release the team so they can work on other projects for the company. What kind of organization do you work in?

    A) Functional
    B) Weak Matrix
    C) Strong Matrix
    D) Projectized

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  5.  Which of the following is NOT true about overlapping phases?

    A) Each phase is typically done by a separate team
    B) There?s an increased risk of delays when a later phase can?t start until an earlier one ends
    C) There?s an increased risk to the project due to potential for rework
    D) Every phase must go through all five process groups

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