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  1.  A project manager determines that there are 15 communication channels in the project. The number of stakeholders in the project must then be:

    A) 15 stakeholders
    B) 6 stakeholders
    C) 8 stakeholders
    D) 105 stakeholders

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  2.  A new CEO has come into your company and promptly shut down your project because it no longer met the business needs of the company. While not pleased with the decision, you document the level and completeness of the project to date. What activity or process is this part of?

    A) Close Project or Phase
    B) Close Procurements
    C) Control Scope
    D) Lessons learned

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  3.  Many project managers have seen a graph which shows ?Influence of Stakeholders? starting out high and declining as the project progresses. Conversely, it shows the ?Cost of Changes? starting out low and increasing as the project progresses. What is the key message a project manager should obtain from this graph?

    A) Stakeholder influence is not important at the end of the project.
    B) Changes should be made as early in the project as possible.
    C) Money should be set aside for expected changes at the end of the project.
    D) The project should be placed on hold until all changes are made.

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  4.  Stakeholders have vested interest in the outcome of the project. Which of the following is a role of a stakeholder?

    A) Project variable
    B) Risk owner
    C) Resource contributor
    D) Cost reporting

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  5.  The stakeholders of a project typically have:

    A) Positive objectives
    B) Negative objectives
    C) Conflicting objectives
    D) Similar objectives

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